Board Building and technology

Denis Piskunov brings Roarockit board building into a highly technically outfitted classroom in Moscow, Russia. While there are many tools available to use, students build boards using the Roarockit method. Starting with the design and shaping of their molds, these students make advanced custom boards!

Read what teacher Denis has to say about his class


“We started this course to teach students how to use main equipment in our fabrication laboratory where we have 3D printers, CNCs, carpentry workshop, painting chamber etc. Skate or longboard making is a great motivation for kids; most instruments are utilized when working on a deck & besides students observe some physics basics when using Roarockit vacuum press.


The course lasts for about 3 months with 1.5 hours every week. It's extra curriculum class - students can add it themselves to their educational plan. We had a great interest for this one – there were about 50 kids from 7-9 grades. Most of students managed to complete their project and were able to ride on its “result” in the end.


 In our first intake most of the work was done with hand electric tools. We used CNC only on a last stage for boards decorations (some designs were applied with spray). In a future we plan to offer using more CNC also in woodworking stage especially for younger kids which would allow us to consider each student's skills and do the work more precisely.  ...And stay in touch with a technological innovation.”


Thanks Denis, for sharing what goes on in your class room! Looks like you are making these students very happy and we’re sure they are learning a lot.


Denis Piskunov, IT & design department, “Letovo” international school (