Go Skateboarding Day

This past weekend (June 21st, 2014 to be exact), we hosted an Open House/Community Jam at the Roarockit HQ in Toronto as part of Go Skateboarding Day. 


With a lot of hardwork and volunteers, we were able to put together a pretty sweet little DIY skate park in the back lot of our unit, including a 18' x 8' mini ramp! 


There was also some live graffiti art by a couple of former students of the Oasis Skateboard Factory, our good friend Mike Boz helped run the bbq, Matt from Frenique Customs and the Bombora crew helped put together some of the skate features... and of course, lots of skating!


This day could not have happened without everyone's help, so thanks again to everyone who came out to support the local community... OH! And check out the footage we were able to get with help from local videogrpaher (and rad skater) Matt Bo: