One-of-a-Kind Decks

Throughout the year, we are planning to make a series of one-of-a-kind handmade decks that will hopefully inspire builders to get creative with their own boards. Not only do we want to show the world what can be done with the Thin Air Press vacuum bag process, but we want to continue and challenge ourselves to think outside the box and do something fresh. 

Here is the first board that we have created to kick off the campaign:


We documented each step of the process for this unique double drop deck, and focused on four different graphic applications to create each number of the '2014'. You can check out the full tutorials on our Instructables page here -

Here are some quick pics of the process involved in creating this deck:


Stay tuned for more creative builds like this in the future... we had a great time documenting this build, and are looking forward to sharing more of the same throughout the year!